Rossum LTD, established 1994, is an ICT company, specialized in field work delivery processes and field work information exchange. We are based in Lahti, Finland, and there are 14 of us, at your service. We help our customers exchange information between  the field work personnel and supervisors; fast and seamlessly. We also help refine the data to company management needs. In addition to that, we ensure that employees in the field are reliable and secure.

Our Mission

  • Mobile work management
  • Secure co-operation with your Service Providers
  • Data collecting and refinement to the customer needs
  • Information exchange between the office and the field personnel

Our references

  • Telecom operators and their contractors
  • Companies in energy industry
  • Other high-tech companies

A story behind the name Rossum

It was year 1920 and the world was recovering from the cruelties of the World War I. When the cannons and weapons became silent, people were reaching for a new era. 

Aspiring to that new era, was also this Čapek’s display. In that, Rossum factories manufacture human-like robots, which could work as any of us. That was a revolutionary vision, and it brought a glimpse of tomorrow’s world for an astonished crowd to see.

Čapek’s display became a success. Used the first time in the display, the word “robot” became widely used, and as we now see, the display was in an amazing way ahead of it’s time. It’s affect is visible in today’s world, also in our Lahti-based ICT company.

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Rossum Ltd, a long-time partner for telecom operators

… Like already mentioned, Rossum was established year 1994. I joined the company  2007, so I have not been along from the very beginning. But I do know that something intelligent must have been going on all the years, enabling a profitable business for decades.

What we do, has for the whole Rossum existence related to mobile field working. A good example of this is our co-operation with Telecom operators; subcontraced/pertnered work is a big part of their business.

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In the previous story I mentioned Toolkit. As the name says, it literally means a toolbox. The ultimate purpose of this service is to gather the tools needed in the field into the one interface (single-sign-on).

I also mentioned that we have taken into account a situation, when a field worker is employed by a different company as the orderer of the work. Naturally, the mobile systems the technician use, vary from company to company, and the work orderer  has no access to that system.

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Trustworthy and secure workers using Rossum Security Portal!

In my previous publications I have written about the co-operation procedures in the field, using Rossum services. Players in this game may come from various companies and even from various countries or cultures.  How to ensure a safe and reliable co-operation with partners, and how to make sure the workers are trustworthy, having accomplished required courses? E.g. with these questions in mind, we have developed the Rossum Security Portal, main task being to ensure a smooth entry of the external labour.

Monday, May 22, 2023, we organized a free webinar, having Mats Fagerström from Helen LTD and Jani Piippo from Abloy LTD with us. We discussed the security topic from many viewpoints. The recording of the webinar (language: Finnish) is available at

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Credentials- tool opens the access for the technicians to desired premises

Field work is at the center of Rossum competence and services. One challenge in the mobile work may be accessing the installation site, which often is located in the technical area of business premises or an apartment building. In some cases the technician needs to find a distribution station or switchboard in a rural area, which is not always easy. It may be time-consuming, or in the worst case the technician does not find the site and must return the next day to do the job.

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End customer communication as a part of the Brand

When a company outsources the installation- or other similar work, or co-operates with a partner, it’s important to keep the end customer in mind. Meaning the person or company who/which has ordered the product or the service.

I have a personal experience of this, happened many years ago. My phone rang and I did not recognize the number the call was coming from. I answered, and the caller introduced himself, telling me his name and the company he represented. He said he was calling to agree the installation time with me, but in my slow brain, no click was heard – I had to ask him what this was about. Finally, I remembered having ordered a service some weeks ago, but it was confusing that the call did not come from the company I ordered the work from.

When the actual service provider is not the same company as the customer ordered the service from, visibility of the brand of the original company is definitely good customer service. In addition to that, I think all of us appreciate the brand visibility of one’s own company.

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