Appropriate tools for each need

Rossum Toolkit collects all tools you need in the field work, into one place. Most commonly used tool is a documentation tool, which helps you gather data and send instruction documents directly to the field worker’s mobile device.

Toolkit helps you to ensure that the contractor’s field personnel has the correct processes, necessary information, and tools to perform the work with quality – all in one place, with single sign-on. Wherever one is; at the office, on the road, or at the installation site; Rossum Toolkit ensures everything necessary is there (information, tools).

Rossum Toolkit is usable alongside the existing field work management system, completing it. No integration is needed, although you may also integrate the Toolkit into to your existing ERP- or ticketing system.

Key Benefits

All you need via one user interface.

Easily managed delivery chain

Clear and efficient communication with the contractor

Rossum Toolkit for Your Company

Start using Rossum Toolkit and ensure that your contractos and subcontractors have the correct tools to perform their work!

  • Compatible with the contractor's field work management systems

  • Makes all tools available for the contractors via one mobile user interface

  • Ensures complete and correct deliveries

  • PImproves the process quality and customer satisfaction

  • Ensures that the user is authorized to use the tool

  • Easy to add new tools for a contractor to use

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Click and readw Success Story

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