Rossum Works is an operation management service, planned for mobile workers’ field work management.

Service enables you to delegate the tasks to employees, and to follow up the work progress and status real-time. Rossum Works offers you an automated data collection for invoicing and payroll. It is easily integrateable into the existing systems ( management) and customer interfaces, as a part of the delivery chain.

With Works, you know what to do and when. You get real-time data from the field workers, having a good view to time consumption and material usage. System also gives you an overview to the resource utilization rate.

Key Benefits

You have an overall control of the field work in your company

You ensure that the employees follow the process

Works SW is easily tailorable to your company's needs

Rossum Works for your company

  • An easy way to manage the field work

  • Less faults and misunderstandings

  • An automated process for invoicing, employee time tracking and payroll

  • Better profit with efficient processes

  • Integrateable into your company's or partner's systems

Tommi Kantoluoto


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