The everyday of the mobile field workers has been in Rossum focus from the very beginning. We have a long experience especially in involving the subcontractors in the delivery chain, enabling the customer brand visibility throughout the whole chain.

Mikko Hurskainen


I have been along in Security Portal development from it's start. My workdays consist of being a primary contact in the customer interface, and of the portal development work. During the years in this position, I have gained useful experience in external labour access rights processes, user permissions etc.

Security is positive thing, built on trust, together. Feel free to contact!

050 439 0606

Tommi Kantoluoto


I joined Rossum year 2006. My focus is on helping companies optimize the mobile work and on brand visibility topics, especially in the subcontracting chain. Rossum solutions in that area are Rossum Works, Rossum Toolkit and Rossum Engage.

Thanks to my long career with mobile work solutions, I have gained a lot of experience in recognizing and defining the customer needs. I am willing to share my know-how with you!

Please contact!

050 408 6060

Julius Pyykkönen

Solution Sales Representative

Responsibility area: Rossum Toolkit and related tools, including Rossum Docs and Rossum Engage.

Please contact!

040 415 2487

Harri Koskinen


At Rossum service since year 2007 and a long experience in the whole Rossum service selection. My main focus is on large customers and product development.

You may contact me at

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