Rossum Security Portal is a modern solution for authorization of the contractors/subcontractors.

Security Portal is used to manage the authorization of the partner employees to enter certain premises or access the applications.

The Security Portal is a solution to guarantee a security and trustworthiness of your partner and their employees. 

Various metrics and tool notifications help stay updated on the assignments.

Key Benefits

Entity management using one system, utilizing e.g integrations

Graphical metrics to find deviations and for trend follow-up

Tool notifications help user react on the matters quickly

Improving data management by allowing the partner to update the personal data

Granting permissions and terminating them,, e.g Microsoft Azure AD and Google

Employee permission management before access right activation

Automatized checks for validity of courses/qualifications

Helps you ensure that the local inductions are completed in a managed way, according to the process

With Security Portal, you minimize the risk of security deviations

With co--operation towards a safe society Yhteistyöllä kohti turvallista yhteiskuntaa - Success Story

Security Portal is for managing and follow-up

  • Access rights

  • Qualifications and course executions

  • Status of security checks

  • Tax code and Valtti-card checks

  • Initiation of application permissions process

  • Utilizing integration, also other kinds of checks are possible

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