Feeling of safety is a positive thing; something we need in our everyday life. A changing world and developing information society create new threats and the word safety becomes diversified.

Helen Oy and Rossum have together developed a Security Portal: a system, which gives us a single view to the modern (security) challenges and ensures the corporate security on the whole.

Feeling of safety is a basic need for us. It includes both the physical and psychological side. In order to guarantee safety to one’s environment, one needs to have a sufficient competence and education to work in the certain premises or in an assignment.

Range of premises and jobs is huge; in addition to physical premises, in the modern society, this term also covers networks and applications. This thought is a corner stone of the co-operation of Helen Ltd and Rossum Ltd, resulting in an innovative and modern Security Portal (Helen Portal).

“With help of the Security Portal, we ensure that an employee has accomplished necessary courses and has sufficient permissions to enter the premises, move around, and do his/her work there”, says Mats Fagerström, who is an originator of the portal idea. “Using one system, we are able to solve even big security issues, and to maintain an up-to-date overall picture.”

A normal working day in a large company means numerous employees coming to work throughout the day (and night). They may be internal or external employees and they work in various parts of the premises. Security topics should be in control all the time, as the tasks may include high risk-level matters.

“A user has all necessary information visible in one system”, tells Rossum specialist Mikko Hurskainen. “Expiring courses, for example, may result in losing access rights, but through the system you get reminded of those. It also hides the personal data automatically, granting anonymity. In case the employee has not taken care of the needed matters, access rights expire automatically.”

Hurskainen says that one of the key points is data management (input, updates, removal) via one interface. Having one system for all data increases the corporate security and helps manage the security-critical data. Niina Luukkonen from Helen highlights the organized structure of the Security Portal: “There is no more need to seek the information from various places”, she says, “We save enormously time,  simultaneously making our everyday more fluent and secure”.

Developing the Security Portal has meant a wide range of people, starting from portal users. “We have a reason to be proud of that”, Luukkonen says, “proud of this portal not being an idea from an ivory tower, but rather having involved the users as a part of the development work”.

We never become ready in security area; we keep the Security Portal development and challenging our thoughts as a cornerstone of the Helen-Rossum co-operation. Everything is based on a mutual trust, respect and openness.

“We collect feedback and fix the portal, continuously developing it”, Fagerström describes. “On the other hand, we also need a stabile status to be able to check that the system runs in all circumstances.”

In the horizon we see a more and more diverse product, which covers the whole security spectrum. Everything aims at a secure corporate culture, simpleness and an organized way of working.

“That is the strength of this system. With it, we save time and create safety to everyone involved”, Fagerström summarizes.

Mats Fagerström, Corporate Security Manager at Helen