Starting from the beginning of the delivery process, we hold it important that the end customer remains up-to-date. Utilizing the Rossum Engage service, you may send your customer information about the delivery progress, already prior to the actual work has started.

Using Rossum Engage Service, a customer is able to contact appropriate people regarding the delivery; it is automatically a correct person who receives customer’s messages. In the first phase, it is customer service personnel of the contractor, and when the installation process progresses, messages may be directed to either the technician or a customer service personnel of the company doing the installation work.

Throughout the process, your own personnel is able to see the communication with the customer so they keep up-to-date.

A fictional example of the process:

  1. Customer  receives a message about the delivery process start.
  2. Customer receives a message, when work is being transferred to a subcontractor. Message includes the subcontractor’s name and contact information.
  3. Time for the next message is when the technician has been selected and the exact installation time is set. Message includes the technician’s contact information.
  4. When the work is marked complete by the technician, Customer receives a message telling that. Message includes the request for feedback: how did the process go?

A desired brand is visible to end customer throughout the whole communication chain!


Key Benefits

Offer (your customer) high-class customer service

Ensure the visibility of your brand through the whole delivery process

Collect feedback, offer additional services and sell more in an easy way

Rossum Engage for your company

Rossum Engage collects the brand tools you need to one place, which helps the contractor’s field personnel to offer an improved customer experience.

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  • Brand support

    Offer all brand support tools to use with one mobile user interface. This is one way to ensure that the contractor field personnel support your brand

  • Improving the Customer Service

    Improve the customer service as a part of the customer experience

  • Asking for feedback

    A way to get instant customer feedback to improve the customer satisfaction

  • Boost additional sales

    Recognize the customer needs to boost the additional sales

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