Rossum solution enables you to collect data, send instructions for installation and maintenance. With that, you also ensure the reliability and security of the partner employees. System is usable with or without integration. Ensure the successful co-operation with Rossum!

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data collection times

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Satisfied users for collected data

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Collecting data from the field

Rossum services cover the whole field work process. Installation delivery process, starting from the web order and closing with measuring the customer satisfaction; data being transferred directly to the storage You manage. This means less e-mail, and data previously just in them stays safe: Rossum product strengthens the installation- and maintenance work with your partners.

Co-Operation alters the everyday - Success Story
Success is based on Co-Operation and competence - Success Story
With Co-Operation towards a safe society - Success Story

Outsourced work; documentation and instructions

Having challenges with getting sufficient and up-to-date information regarding the outsourced work? Information is not digitally stored, reporting is either lacking or does not take place at all?

Utilizing the Rossum service you improve the installation- and maintenance work and collect the data from the field. You are able to instruct the technician about the the actual work and the data management, real-time! Forms are usable with all mobile devices no matter what application the partner's technician is using. Instructions may be updated also real-time during the work in concern.

A trustworthy and secure employee

What to do, if we are not sure about the trustworthiness of external work force? Are all employees reliable for sure? Who all hold admittance or a license, and is there someone yet needing those? Are required courses completed? There are many of those who log into the systems and move around in premises; how to make sure there are no unnecessary admittance or licenses?

Rossum has a high-class solution for checking the background information of the external workforce, and organizing the user management! Simultaneously, when we ensure the technician's reliability, we automatically add that data into the user management system (e.g. Microsoft or Google). This way the user right management remains in your control. This is what Rossum solution is, a solution that ensures a secure and efficient co-operation with your partner!

Let us keep the end customer up-to-date

Is it possible that your Brand is in danger because of uncontrolled subcontractor work? Does Brand visibility remain until the process reaches the end customer? Do the contractor practices support a customer experience according to your Brand? During the delivery process, it is important to keep the end customer up-to-date also, and utilize your Brand in the communication throughout the whole process!

Utillizing Rossum service, you may inform customer about the delivery progress already prior to starting the actual work. You are able to tell the customer from which company the technician is from, and offer the customer a communication channel according to your Brand. It is also important, that your own company's customer service people have the visibility to the communication between the technician and the customer. Finally, you are able to ask for feedback about the success of the delivery process!


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