Co-operation of Telia and Rossum has brought along efficiency and ease, but alongside to that, also environmental sustainability. During the years of co-operation, has the world around us changed, creating a need for new technology and competence. Rossum and Telia have been working together to minimize unnecessary work, and we have been able to offer a service, which benefits both people and our environment.

Creating efficiency and minimizing unnecessary work have been in the background of the co-operation between Telia and Rossum, from it’s start. When computers and mobile phones conquered the society at the beginning of the 21st century, a lot of installation work in households was needed. That need was a starting point of the Telia and Rossum co-operation, having it’s goal in installation work optimization and schedule accuracy.

We are still on the same path. Long-lasting co-operation has created efficiency, has helped avoid unnecessary work and has meant less kilometers driven for installations. Today we are using Rossum Toolkit; a modern, virtual toolbox containing everything the technician needs for effortless and efficient working.

“Toolkit enables an efficient information exchange between Telia and our installation partners.”, says Telia Partner Manager Jani Virta. “We are able to offer our partner all necessary information to perform the work. In return, our partner is able to provide us with inclusive information about the topic, which helps Telia in further handling of the case.

Toolkit also enables the digitalization of the customer forms. This means, in practice, that the technician no longer needs to deal with printouts. Wherever the technician is, Rossum Toolkit ensures that he/she has sufficient information and correct tools at hand.

Success requires making an effort; people and co-operation in the background. Successful co-operation of Telia and Rossum sums up these both.

“Rossum has turned out to be an agile and flexible partner”, Jani Virta says. “They have professional designers to plan and make solutions to match the customer needs. They are also able to explain the complex technical matters for a customer in an understandable way.”

Besides efficiency, this co-operation has been beneficial for our environment. Installation planning accuracy has already for years meant less driven kilometers. Well-planned scheduling and well-functioning customer communication help avoid unnecessary driving. New tools improve the environmental-friendliness even more, and we have a positive vision for the future.

In the future horizon looms a rapidly changing technical world. The co-operation of Telia and Rossum continues and goals remain intact.

Jani Virta concludes: “We aim to serve our end customer in a timely manner, with quality service, excluding unnecessary items from the process. “