The majority of Rossum customers are companies doing installation- and fault correction work (in the field). The work is done by their own personnel, by contractors and subcontractors.  Our customers include telecom operators and their contractors, companies in energy industry and other high-tech companies. Some examples of our customers are listed below.  


Co-Operation alters the everyday - Success Story
Success is based on Co-Operation and competence - Success Story
With Co-Operation towards a safe society - Success Story




Customer testimonials

Using Rossum services, we are able to agree the installations already in the selling phase. With Rossum system, we get the information about the already planned installations in each area. This has led to better customer service experience and cost savings, as we've been able to synchronize the installations.

All project goals have been reached. We are able to fulfill the promises made by sales personnel. Each technician is able to follow up his/her efficiency, learn, and  is better able to plan his/her work. Management Team has a visibility through the whole delivery chain and in addition to chosen metrics, they are able to get out more detailed data.

We aim to minimize unnecessary work and serve the all customers in Finland in a unified manner. We have many technicians, so standardizing the practices is important.

Rossum is an excellent partner , as their products benefit both us and them. They have a desire to understand both of us' viewpoints. Together our know-how increases and remains. A win-win situation.

We wanted a partner with skill and continuity. Our first impression about the skill was positive during negotiations of our co-operation.

Our desire is to remain up-to-date regarding the work progress. Previously we had it hard; all we had was the printouts by supervisors each morning.

Rossum is a flexible partner, with whom we are able to run through various pilot projects and seek for new operation models to find the best solutions for our business.

We recommend the co-operation with Rossum; the interaction between us and them works well.


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