Co-operation between Elisa and Rossum began 20 years ago and it still continues. During these years, we have seen a major change in ICT world; interaction methods have changed fundamentally. Together, Elisa and Rossum have actively followed along in this change, and the co-operation has had a major impact on the field work of network building.

A modern everyday life surrounded by digital communication and high-tech, does not run without a lot of background work and competence. Telecom- and ICT service company Elisa builds and maintains Finland-wide telecom networks with several partners. That co-operation network has been integrated into Elisa systems with a modern Rossum service package.

Johannes Lehtinen (Rossum) remembers well the beginning of Elisa co-operation 20 years ago:  mobile network began to expand forcefully and this meant many more technicians in the field. There was an increased need to manage and coordinate that work.

“Together with Elisa, we worked on to find a solution how to efficiently delegate the tasks to the technicians, and how to follow up that work”, Lehtinen reminisces. “No ready solution existed, so we began to pilot it with Elisa.”

During these years, our co-operation has traveled from IVR control and faxes to the intelligent and automated interface. The current solution is known as Rossum Toolkit; the latest step in the common integration path.

“Toolkit was developed to streamline the contractor’s work in the field,” says Elisa Solution Manager Jari Jokela. “It is a virtual toolbox, which is tailored to each project’s needs. Using the Toolkit, we share documentation and inform the contractor about the Elisa way of doing the work.”

In addition to streamlining the field work, Rossum Toolkit is a huge set of functionalities. It acts like a bridge between Elisa and the contractor, enabling documentation, fault definition and fast deliveries. Bringing the interface to this level has meant a lot of interactive co-operation, lot of work on both sides to bring the ideas into concrete functionalities.

“Rossum appears to us as a flexible partner, who is able to look at things from Elisa point of view, being able to suggest solutions suitable for Elisa needs”, says Elisa Development Manager Sami Määttälä.

Pondering and solving matters together, have resulted in A-Mobil interface and Rossum Toolkit to comply with it. These two show in a positive way until the end customer: our contractor is able to supply subscriptions and do fault diagnostics without time-consuming contacts to Elisa.

We have witnessed a huge development in networks and telecommunication, and in the horizon looms a rapidly changing world. In that environment, agility and solution oriented approach play a key role. To this refers Elisa Network Unit Manager Sami Rajamäki: “Our co-operation with Rossum is long”, he says. “Rossum has turned out to be an agile player, who well understands our needs in network construction.

In the future horizon we see a lot of possibilities and development potential, which are related to logistical management, network dynamics and yet improved customer experience. Rossum competence in the field work processes, and understanding in telecommunications industry will be needed in this development work.

“We need partners who understand what telecommunications infra building and related processes mean”,  Rajamäki says. “In the future, we will see a lot of changes in network services systems. In an environment with integrated systems around us changing, having a partner, who understands how things should work, is helpful to us.”

Elisa Network Services Unit Head Sami Rajamäki