Automatize the work order delivery and follow-up

With Rossum React, you are able to automatize the work order delivery, and are able to ensure that they become solved in agreed time frame, according to the SLA.

Rossum React enables you to automatize the work orders according to SLA in concern. System automatically defines the solution time, priority levels and work types. It shortens the reaction time and follows up the tickets, sending reminders to ensure that everything is done within agreed time frame. Rossum React automatically delegates the work order. This service improves the quality of the service offered to customers and helps you fulfill the SLA requirements.


This is how it works

Based on an SLA in concern, Rossum React calculates an automatized estimate of solution time for the work order, when it is delivered to field personnel. System finds a free technician (field worker??) and sends the work order to this person. Next, the system follows up the work progress, sending reminders ensuring that the work order is solved on time.

Rossum Pager-App

In high priority SLA work cases, it is Rossum Pager-App that sends an alarm to a technician (field worker?). His/her phone “wakes up”, alarm sound is heard, and the technician approves the work order. In case he/she is not able to approve the work order, Rossum Pager sends it to a next person in the alarm list, defined by the main user. This process may be tailored according to customer needs.

Key Benefits

Tlcket handling according to SLA

Ticket solving easily and fast

Less costs with help of automatization

Rossum React for your company

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  • Helps fulfill the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements

  • Automatized sending of the tickets

  • Ensures a reply to all requests

  • Real-time receipts and status updates

  • Minimizes recurring and unprofitable tasks