Credentials- tool opens the access for the technicians to desired premises

Field work is at the center of Rossum competence and services. One challenge in the mobile work may be accessing the installation site, which often is located in the technical area of business premises or an apartment building. In some cases the technician needs to find a distribution station or switchboard in a rural area, and that is not always easy. It may be time-consuming, or in the worst case the technician does not find the site, and must return the next day to do the job.

Credentials include a lot of “silent knowledge”. Experienced technicians know the locations and routes and find the capsule lock effortlessly. Years go by and this technician retires one day. Hopefully the successor is able to follow along with him/her long enough to learn everything necessary – otherwise this means challenges, low profits and tight nerves.

There is a solution to these challenges! Credentials- tool includes all necessary information about the location of the technical premises, and how one is able to get in there. In some cases the technician needs to call the janitor to come open the door. The janitor’s contact information is available in the tool and the technician is able to update it, if needed. This way the data stays up-to-date for future installations as well.

Sharing this type of information between all companies operating in certain premises would be beneficial.  Technically, it’s possible – one just needs to have a will to share it; naturally only when there is a real need for that.

Harri Koskinen, CEO