Rossum LTD, a long-time partner for telecom operators

I have noticed that there are many, who don’t know what Rossum does. That gave me an idea to write 10 short stories related to that – as you see in the headline, where it says 1/10.. You may think: “Oh, no, 10..”, but read carefully anyway; I recently heard that it is a phenomenon of this some-era: we need to tolerate various kinds of stories written by various kinds of people..

Like already mentioned, Rossum was established year 1994. I joined the company  2007, so I have not been along from the very beginning. But I do know that something intelligent must have been going on all the years, enabling a profitable business for decades.

What we do, has for the whole Rossum existence related to mobile field working. A good example of this is our co-operation with Telecom operators; subcontracted/partnered work is a big part of their business.

In many cases, outsourcing is a good solution. However, having some other company to do the work, brings along new challenges and needs. One example of a challenge is variation of information systems. Company ordering the work may require their partners to use their system, but for partners, that means two simultaneous systems (work lists) and efficient work management becomes challenging.

Another challenge area is managing the work quality and schedules with an agreement. It is often an SLA, aiming to control the delivery times. In addition to that, companies need to agree the invoicing principles, ways of communication towards the end customer, and likewise, between the  field personnel and the work orderer.  Work safety (e.g. completing certain courses) is an important topic in all industries, in critical industries also the employee backgrounds must be checked.

There are many topics that are easy to agree, and coding the integrations between various systems is not complicated. But how should these things be taken care of, when there are several subcontractors, or in case we need to change the supplier along the way? Especially in cases of a Finland-wide, or even international operations, locking processes with one or a few subcontractors may harm the competitiveness in the long run.

We at Rossum are rich with experience and knowledge in these topics – thanks to our great customers! One of our innovations is a service named Toolkit; you reach the subcontractor’s field personnel without data integrations. This service also helps you communicate the initial information, as well as instructions to the field personnel in an easy way.  Documenting the installation is also effortless and in every case done in the same manner regardless of the contractor and the mobile interface they use. Data is stored directly into the work orderer’s database. No more integrations in this area are needed!

Finally, a glimpse of a Rossum recreation day, year 2017.

Harri Koskinen, CEO