Trustworthy and secure workers using Rossum Security Portal!

In my previous publications I have written about the co-operation procedures in the field, using Rossum services. Players in this game may come from various companies and even from various countries or cultures.  How to ensure a safe and reliable co-operation with partners, and how to make sure the workers are trustworthy, having accomplished required courses? E.g. with these questions in mind, we have developed the Rossum Security Portal, main task being to ensure a smooth entry of the external labour.

Monday, May 22, 2023, we organized a free webinar, having Mats Fagerström from Helen LTD and Jani Piippo from Abloy LTD with us. We discussed the security topic from many viewpoints. The recording of the webinar (language: Finnish) is available at

Security Portal means one user interface for the whole external labour management process, making it easy to make new assignments, follow up worker statuses and remind of the deficiencies. New labour goes thru checks needed for each task and they are reminded to complete required courses. Portal data includes course validity times and an automated reminder is sent, if a certain qualification is about to expire.

If needed, the portal is integrateable into the existing systems. E.g. if an existing course database is being used, required courses are added in there, and in return, data of completed courses is transferred back to the portal. In case of no existing course database, a database for that purpose may be delivered to customer as a part of the portal. Security Portal includes a real-time connection for checking e.g. the tax code or Valtti-card validity.

There is a separate process for the security check. In that, it is important to collect all person data in a standardized way, ensuring that the person in concern has given an approval for the check. Access control permissions are added through the interface, and the possible expiration dates are available in the portal. That means an easy way to ensure the access right is terminated when the need for the access ends. IAM System permissions may be added through the interface as well.

In this, as in many other, cases the processes and needs vary with each company. Rossum Security Portal is tailorable to an individual company’s needs. (We are able to tailor the portal according to the needs of each company.)

Harri Koskinen, CEO