End customer communication as a part of the Brand

When a company outsources the installation- or other similar work, or co-operates with a partner, it’s important to keep the end customer in mind. Meaning the person or company who/which has ordered the product or the service.

I have a personal experience of this, happened many years ago. My phone rang and I did not recognize the number the call was coming from. I answered, and the caller introduced himself, telling me his name and the company he represented. He said he was calling to agree the installation time with me, but in my slow brain, no click was heard – I had to ask him what this was about. Finally, I remembered having ordered a service some weeks ago, but it was confusing that the call did not come from the company I ordered the work from.

When the actual service provider is not the same company as the customer ordered the service from, keeping the visibility of the original brand is definitely good customer service. In addition to that, I think all of us appreciate the brand visibility of one’s own company!

Rossum has developed a service to this need. It helps keep customer up-to-date in all process phases, telling at a very early stage the name of the company performing the installation, as well as the primary point of contact in matters concerning the installation. It may be the own company’s customer service, but in some cases it makes sense to share the contact information of the company doing the installation. What matters is that the customer knows whom to contact, and that the contact is able and willing to help him/her in his/her need!

In addition to that, using this service the technician is easily able to contact the customer under the brand of the company the customer ordered the work from. The technician is able to agree the exact installation slot and ask for complementary information. The customer is able to choose the contact method (e.g. email or sms) and possible communication is automatically stored in the service, being also easily available for a customer service personnel as well.

A good-quality and well-functioning customer service is an important part of the service process!

Harri Koskinen, CEO