Rossum Toolkit – a toolbox for the technician!

In the previous story I mentioned Toolkit. As the name says, it literally means a toolbox. The ultimate purpose of this service is to gather the tools needed in the field into the one interface (single-sign-on).

I also mentioned that we have taken into account a situation, when a field worker is employed by a different company as the orderer of the work. Naturally, the mobile systems the technician use, vary from company to company, and the work orderer  has no access to that system.. With Toolkit, the work orderer makes the functions of their own system available for the technician (his/her mobile device) regardless of what SW he/she is using. Integration is not necessary.

Most popular of the Toolkit tools is the documentation tool. Work orderer defines (by work type) the needed instructions and what data he/she wants to collect from the field. With Toolkit, the technician has the needed instructions available, and he/she receives to his/her mobile device a form for an easy data input. Photos are often a central element. In Toolkit, all basic data regarding the task is automatically included in each photo, as well as other data input by the technician. This makes it easy to utilize the data input in a diverse way. Everyone involved in the process, is, whenever needed, able to view the data of each work order.

Toolkit service provides the technician with all necessary tools with SSO; all he/she needs to do is to log into his own work e-mail. No more cumbersome and sometimes even irritating username- or password hassle in the field!

Rossum has developed also other tools into the Toolkit. All the services needed by field personnel, normally needing a separate log-in, are available using SSO via one user interface. 

In my next story I will write about the topic: “How to make sure the co-operation with the partner is reliable and secure”.

In the attached video, Johannes Lehtinen is presenting Rossum in a recruitment event (Lahti, year 2019).

Harri Koskinen, CEO