The right tools in the right place

Rossum Toolkit ensures that contractor personnel have the correct information, procedures, and tools they need to complete their work.

Rossum Toolkit gives contractor and subcontractor personnel the tools they need, such as schedules, check lists, authentication and authorization, all in one place. This makes it easy for them to deliver high quality work. Wherever they are in the office, en route, or on-site Rossum Toolkit ensures that they have the right information and the right tools to get the job done efficiently. Rossum Toolkit works alongside existing contractor fieldwork management systems and completes them.


All the tools contractor personnel need in one mobile interface

Ensure all procedures and processes are followed

Get high quality work delivered exactly as agreed


With Rossum Toolkit, the operator publishes the tools that their contractors’ personnel need in the Rossum supply chain management system. Then, when they are at work in the field, the contractors’ personnel use Rossum Toolkit to access these tools on their mobile devices, in a single, convenient interface. This means that they have the right tools available exactly when they need them.



Use Rossum Toolkit to ensure that your contractors’ and subcontractors’ personnel have the right tools to get the job done

  • Works together with existing fieldwork management systems
  • Deliver all tools to your contractors through a single mobile interface
  • Ensure complete and correct deliveries
  • Improve process quality and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure user authentication and authorization​
  • Easily deploy and add new tools for your contractors

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