Automate work order dispatch and follow up

Rossum React automatically takes care of dispatching and following up work orders for you, ensuring that they get resolved on time and according to your SLAs.

With Rossum React, work requests are automated for you according to your service level agreements. The system automatically assigns resolution times, priorities and work types. It improves reaction speeds and follows up tickets, and it sends reminders to ensure that they get resolved on time. With Rossum React, every request gets a response, improving the quality of service you provide to your customers and helping you fulfil the requirements of your SLAs.


Ensure all tickets get followed up according to your SLAs

Resolve incidents faster

Reduce cost with automation


With Rossum React, tickets from your customers are dealt with automatically. When a ticket arrives, Rossum React automatically calculates the allowed resolution time based on your SLA with that particular customer. Rossum React then sends an alert and a work order to an available technician. It then follows the progress of the work order and, if necessary, sends reminders to ensure it is resolved on time.



Use Rossum React to automate the dispatch of your alerts and work orders to improve response times, minimize costs and improve the quality of your customer service.

  • Compatible with all standard computers and mobile devices
  • Helps you fulfil the requirements of your service level agreements
  • Automates the dispatch of work requests
  • Ensures all requests get a response
  • Gives real-time acknowledgements and status updates
  • Minimizes repetitive and non-productive tasks

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