The easy way to manage your supply chain

Rossum Connect gives operators everything they need to manage their supply chain, contractors, and work orders, and to confirm that the work is done.

Rossum Connect is a single, convenient solution for managing your supply chain. You can manage everything in a one interface, it’s easy to implement and no special apps are needed. And it’s just as easy for your contractors and their personnel. Rossum Connect automatically sends work orders to them, with everything they need to know. Overall, Rossum Connect makes your whole chain more efficient. It reduces costs and reduces errors, and it improves the quality of your services.


Everything you need in a single management interface

Easy management of your whole supply chain

Clear, accurate and efficient communication with contractors


Rossum Connect handles orders and automatically assigns them to the appropriate contractor. The work orders include all the necessary details about the work, location, and the customer, as well as the correct procedures and delivery processes. Once an order is sent, Rossum Connect will follow the progress of the work and will provide a notification when it’s complete.



Rossum Connect puts everything in one place, making it easy to manage contractors, work orders, deliveries, and information.

  • Manage all work orders and deliveries with the same system
  • Use the same convenient interface for all your contractors
  • Commission new contractors easily
  • Ensure contractors follow the correct delivery processes
  • Improve control of contracting costs
  • Manage exceptions in the delivery process
  • Manage flexibly contractor capacity

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